Monday, 18 October 2010

It's getting pretty chilly out there...

Pin It I guess it's time to make chili!  (Yes, I know, I should be ashamed... but I'm not.)

The bf has been really busy with school lately, so I've sort of taken over a good bit of the evening cooking.  Which means savory.  Which is not something I've ever been terrible at, but it's always been more about sustenance than interest.

But, in an attempt to make the best of my new found housewife role (and to spare us the monotony of jarred pasta sauce with ground beef every night), I've been trolling the Internet looking for recipes we've never tried before (with a specific eye for those that won't create a ton of dishes).  This chili was one of my first successes.

I made it based on this recipe here.  But I added a ton more paprika,and some sliced carrots (they needed to be used), and chili flakes instead of powder, because it's what we had.  Oh, and I subbed oregano for marjoram, because what the heck is marjoram anyway?

The chili was booooomb.  And just as delicious the following night as a jacket potato filling with some cheddar cheese grated over the top.  But the most important thing about this experience was that it reminded me that I do like cooking, not just baking.  I had almost forgotten how nice it is to make something and just throw stuff in with wild abandon, tasting as you go because there's no danger of salmonella.  I mean, I experiment with baking, but there's no way to know before you put it in the oven whether it'll be a flop or a success.

But this one.  This was definitely a success.  A meaty, tomato-y, spicy success of epic proportions.

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