Thursday, 24 February 2011

Sometimes the only good thing about life in greytown...

Pin It the proximity to Italy!

Usually, the bf and I can't afford the airfare, much less the accommodation, but we had a little windfall last month, and rather than spend it on silly things like heat or groceries, we decided to blow it all on a whirlwind trip to Naples.

And boy, were we glad we did!  Here are a few pics of the most important part of our trip: the FOOD!

 Don't mind the hideous lighting... we were indoors, but the ricotta-stuffed crust made up for that right away!

 Fancy coffees: the perfect excuse to come in out of the rain.

The AMAZING, mindblowing garbanzo bean soup I had for dinner the first night.  I'll be looking for a similar recipe.

Antipasto crudo in Posillipo.  Staring at me!

The bf's fettucini alle vongole

My fettucini al pesce.

The view from our table– not bad, eh?

Mmmmmm torta di limone...

And of course we finished it all up with some gelato di caffé!

I'll have a new recipe for you soon.  I just had to share my happy weekend before jumping back into dull/dark pics and comfort eating!


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