Monday, 21 February 2011

A healthier comfort food: Whole Wheat Sunflower Seed Bread from Joy the Baker

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I can't even go there with you on how bad these pictures are.  All I can do is apologize for baking this bread at night, and then promptly consuming (with the bf's help, of course) the entire loaf before having a chance to photograph a slice in daylight.

 I'm so ashamed.

But that's just how good this bread is.  It's nutty, and hearty, and a little sweet.  It's studded with sunflower seeds and full of whole wheat goodness.  It's delicious, basically, and we have Joy to thank for it.  So thanks, Joy!  Not for the stomach pain I got when I ate waaaaaay too much of this bread at once, but thanks for the amazing flavor of this here loaf, and for the peace of mind I had while moaning about my overly full belly, because at least I over-ate on healthyness this time!

from Joy the Baker


  1. you know how do you make a link open a new window rather than sending you to a new page? in other words...i went to joy the baker, clicked around, and had to work to get back to your blog.
    don't know the answer about the window/link thing but maybe you wanna look into?
    love your always helpful (not) and opinionated sneest.

  2. hmm, i know how to do that in wordpress, but i guess i just never thought about it in blogger. i'll try to remember to pay more attention (there are so many backlog edits i want to make, but there's just no time!).

    maybe i'm just trying to make you work for it!


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