Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Does it count as daytime eating if the sun never really comes out?

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Anybody recognize that dark-yet-festive table?  Hazard a guess what it's set for?  I'll give you a hint: see that red stuff in the pitcher?  Bloody Mary.  Hells to the yes.  That's right, it's another brunch!

This time, the star of the show was a baked egg recipe, with smoked salmon, arugula and leeks, topped with manchego cheese and freshly ground black pepper.  Oh my goodness.

It starts with beautiful, fresh, spring-y leeks, sautéd in a frying pan with butter and then mixed with arugula:

On top of which is layered gorgeous smoked salmon:

And then on go the eggs, salt and pepper, and a hefty sprinkling of grated manchego cheese:

We served ours with a side of bacon (because, really, any excuse for bacon is a good one):

And some sliced melon and a thrown-together baked french toast (because I couldn't decide between sweet and savory):

Even a wee bit overcooked– the bf and I don't like jiggly whites, which often means too-hard yolks, alas– these eggs were still delicious.  Salty and fresh and meaty.  Just what we needed to go with our Bloody Mary!

And even though there were only three of us, and all the french toast was eaten, and there were 8 eggs in there, we didn't have a lot of leftovers.  Which, to me, is the sign of a recipe well-received! 

The recipe is over at The Year in Food, and the only reason I'm not putting my adaptation down here is that all I changed was the cooking method: I used a baking dish instead of individual ramekins, I think because I wanted to avoid giving the bf too many dishes to wash.  And I suspect that my edit was the reason the eggs didn't cook quite perfectly, so I suggest you head over to the source and go from there.



  2. Glad you enjoyed it! I am totally with on disliking jiggly whites. It's tricky to get it right in the oven.

  3. We loved it, Kimberley! And I think we'll get it closer to right next time... Maybe I'll baste the whites every now and then.


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