Monday, 7 December 2009

Easy biscuits, easy cleanup!

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And that's the best kind of recipe, in my opinion!  Although the delicious results don't hurt either:

And now, as promised, instead of writing about the biscuit-making, I'll just let the pics and captions speak for themselves.  That last post got kind of long-winded...

Normally I sift for no man, but I'd had enough mistakes to allow for a little humility.

Easy cleanup point number one: cling film instead of flour on your surface.  Easy peasy!

But it doesn't protect your hands from mess!
Cutting rounds with a teacup.
Is melted butter brushed on top EVER a bad idea??

Not when it makes them turn out this golden and crusty on top!

So that's it, really!  It took maybe 10 minutes to put it all together, and then 12 in the oven, and voila: YUM.

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