Saturday, 4 December 2010

Continuing the Workplace Takeover: Chocolate Peanut Butter Puffs

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Now this is a stroke of genius.

Shop-bought puff pastry, peanut butter, and chocolate chips; a pizza cutter (or sharp knife) and a rolling pin; an oven.  Add a half hour's attention and minimal energy (and, more importantly, minimal dishes!), et voila: Chocolate peanut butter puffs!

For this awesome invention, we have Joy the Baker to thank.  That girl... man, does she get some good ideas.  I can barely bring myself to tweak recipes, much less make up my own!  But seriously, this whole 'oh, I have puff pastry, let's see what I can put in it' thing has blown my mind.

I fully intend on using my leftover pastry to make other types of puff/ravioli/thingies.  Another great way to make use of some of that leftover homemade jam in my fridge, perhaps?  Or the perfect vehicle for impromptu hors d'ouvres: a little goat cheese, a few chives, etc?

What I'm saying is this: Joy hasn't just provided us with a recipe.  She's provided us with an idea, in particular an idea that blows open our fridgefuls of leftovers into a whole new realm of possibility!

So, Joy, thank you.  And my officemates thank you too.  Except the ones who looooove pb/choc combos and were trying to detox.  And the one who hates pb/choc combos.  But the rest of them are newfound fans!

I'll let you grab the recipe from the original source, where there are better photos too: Joy the Baker

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