Friday, 16 July 2010

Success IS possible!

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I just wanted to share that, despite my earlier failures, I'm not a total flop in the kitchen.  Yesterday, unable to look any longer at the bananas blackening rapidly on the kitchen dresser, I fell back on an old favorite.  And it did not disappoint! 

As ever, my banana bread came out perfectly!  Fully cooked, yet deliciously moist.  Just banana-y enough, without being overpowering, with a lovely crunch of batter-coated walnuts nestled in spongy goodness.  Just: nom.  The bf and I ate the whole loaf (I realize it's shaped like a cake, but I refuse to admit it's a cake.  It's bread, people.  Healthy) that night.  Om nom nom nom.*

* I hate the om nom craze, but, like Uggs and "toods" and a million other annoying fads before it, it's gotten under my skin.  Apologies.


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