Wednesday, 6 April 2011

What to do with too many veggies? Make a Greenery Scramble!

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For the past month or so, the bf and I have been testing out a veggie-delivery system called Abel&Cole.  Basically, instead of buying the same 4 or 5 kinds of veg in our normal shop, we trust these organic, healthy, charming fellows to deliver whatever's in season, and we figure out a way to use it.

So far it's going pretty well– delicious veggies, great customer service, and it's cheaper than what we used to spend on vegetables in our normal shop!  We do sometimes get sick of potatoes and carrots (mostly because we don't always have time to cook them properly), and we have yet to figure out how not to massacre a beet, but generally it's been fabulous to have new things to try, like celeriac and jerusalem artichokes.  And the leeks!  Oh, the leeks make me so happy...

We're pretty good about using the easy stuff, like zucchini, which we put in everything, but sometimes we get to the weekend and are a bit overwhelmed with veg.  And since my stupid oral allergy syndrome means I can't eat a lot of veggies raw, we have to find a way to cook them.  And that's where this scramble comes in.

In our weekly order, we also get 6 free-range eggs, which has been helping us eat more protein (I like to hard-boil them and eat them with truffle salt– OMG), and they also make a great base for all our end-of-the-line veggies on the weekends.  It's so easy to just sauté some veg and then throw some scrambled eggs into the mix and add a little salt and pepper, e voilá!

This was seriously tasty, and really healthy to boot.  So next time you've got some veggies languishing in the fridge that you don't know what to do with, try a messily scrumptious scramble!  I think you'll surprise yourself with just how good it is.

Greenery Scramble (serves 2):

In a large sauté pan over med-high heat, melt 1 Tbsp butter with a glug of olive oil, then add:
      1 leek, washed well and sliced/chopped however you like it

Sweat the leek until it's just softened, then throw in:
     1 green pepper, chopped
     1 zucchin(o)/courgette, chopped
     salt and pepper to taste

Cook the veggies until they're just shy of done (no mushy zucchini allowed), then pour in:
     4 eggs, beaten

Stir it all together and keep on heat, stirring all the while and adding more salt and pepper if you like, until eggs are cooked through.  Remove from stove and chuck on a plate and scarf!


  1. we get a veggie box too... pretty neat way to try new things

  2. yeah, we love ours! although we're having a spot of trouble figuring out what to do with our jerusalem artichokes...


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