Monday, 20 September 2010

More my thing: easy 'donut' muffins

Pin It After last week's challah trials (and tribulations), I needed a pick me up.  Something easy.  Something delicious.  A guaranteed success.  Enter: the donut muffin.

These little beauties have been floating around the interwebs for a while now, lauded as the mildly healthier answer to the ubiquitous donut (or doughnut, according to Blogger's spellcheck) craving.  Now, I haven't been much of a donut person ever since middle school, when donuts were the sweetie of choice for birthday treats, which meant I ate them roughly 40 times a year.  Which is too often.  Even for a sweet-toothed tween like my early (and in some ways, current) self. 

But as I've gotten older, and donuts have been on offer less and less frequently, I've grown to appreciate them for their oily, fluffy, sugary scrumptiousness.  I still rarely eat them (I pretty much only brake for donuts when I pass a Krispy Kreme, and thankfully those are scarce in London/SF), but I am familiar with the very particular pain of a sharp craving.  And really nothing can fill that need the way a donut can.  Until now?

Ok, I'mma be straight with you: I didn't really think these were a substitute for donuts.  The only thing that makes them donut-like, really, is the nutmeg and the sugar topping.  The texture falls damned short.  That said, they are very very tasty, and super easy to throw together, and pretty much a guaranteed success.  And that's all I ask these days.

Easy Donut Muffins:
     adapted from acookinthekitchen

Preheat oven to 375F/190C

     1 egg, beaten
     1/3 cup oil
     1/2 cup milk

Combine, then add to wet ingredients (mix with a fork):
     1 1/2 cups flour
     2 t baking powder
     1/2 t salt
     1/2 t nutmeg
     1/2 cup sugar

Pour into muffin cups (about 2/3 full), and sprinkle tops with cinnamon-sugar.  Bake 17-20 minutes.

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