Wednesday, 27 January 2010

In defense of inactivity.

Pin It Sooo.... I know I haven't posted in a really long time.  And I feel bad for that, I do.  Especially when every other blog I follow seems to have like 6 million readers a day and at least one 2010 Bloggie nomination, and I'm so consumed with envy at their success that I'm tempted to be ultra-petty and make a point of not visiting said blogs just to cut their stats down by one.  BUT I'm not quite that much of an asshole.  Slash I'm too obsessed with their amazing blogs to stop.  Slash I fully realize, in the logical, non-green parts of my brain, that their blogs rock and mine are just ok.  There are some reasons for this, some of which are admittedly all my bad, and some of which are not.

First, my bad: I don't write nearly often enough.  I mean, not even once or twice a week.  WHAT IS THAT?  You would never see a Bloggie nominee who posts as sporadically as I do.  So on that note I'm a bad bad blogger.  And I'm sorry.  I'M SORRY.  Really!  Yeesh, you guys are tough.

Now, onto happier complaints, the things that AREN'T my fault:

First of all, I was home in SF for 5 weeks over the holidays, and while I do love to bake in my mom's immaculate, well-stocked kitchen, she gets cranky when I have high-points-value (it's a weight watchers thing) foods around.  So I really only baked for the holidays: cookies for stockings and gingerbread (from a mix, too!) for Christmas dinner.  And I was too busy catching up with family and slapping my dad's hands to take pics, so there was no posting possible.

Secondly, I don't have a big, beautiful kitchen with great natural light and spacious countertops, so I have to really want to bake.  Relatedly, I don't have piles of money, which means no unlimited supply of butter/flour/eggs/dragees.  And most importantly, I can't afford one of these gorgeous beasts:

(photo credit, ewanr)
As we all know, a Kitchenaid mixer would make my life infinitely easier when it comes to baking.  But that's not all (and it's not really necessary, unless you consider how good looking at it would be for my heart).

Also not my fault, I don't have any real photography experience, and only a little bit of an eye for good subjects/lights.  More importantly, I don't have one of these:
Sigh.  If only my photos could be this pretty.
(Photo credit: F 5.6)

Yes, sadly my life of travel has dictated that my camera priority be less about function and bells/whistles and more about portability.  So, alas, I have a small, sturdy digital camera with a retractable lens.  She does her best, but she just can't compete with those big shots over at SK or Joy (see?  I linked!  I'm not such an envious monster after all).

What I do have, though, is a passion for baking, and perhaps an even stronger passion for feeding people morsels that make them go:
Just pretend that shell is a teeny, delicious cookie.  
(Photo credit: ME)

And since I don't have any of these to enjoy my baked goods with me:
Amazing.  Almost makes me want one.  Amost.
(Photo credit: Auntie P)*

I guess I'll just have to keep baking in the name of passion, and forcing my boyfriend to eat the spoils despite his New Year's resolution to be healthy (butter IS healthy!  PROTEIN), and bringing many many dairy-free treats to class (there's only one picky lady, but she's also one of the most vocal supporters of my oven-related efforts, so I'll sub out water for milk any day).  Oh, and I really need to put up that flyer...

AND I need to blog more.  I know, I know.  Promises promises, right? 

*Flickr CC photographers rock my world.  I mean, how ADORABLE is that shot??


  1. I just got a cinnamon red kitchenaid for my birthday and it is the new love of my life!!!!!! I just don't have any recipes that are deserving of its gorgeosity

  2. boooooo i am so sticking my tongue out at you right now.

    nonetheless, if you need recipes, i think you know where to go.


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